The WUFI®-Forum is the right place to ask questions about WUFI® or to discuss any problems. Posts can be written in English or German.

Frequently asked questions

The FAQ section provides numerous answers to our most frequently asked questions – especially those relating to purchasing and getting started with WUFI®. There you will find, for example, extensive information on what WUFI® programs and licenses are available, what databases they use, how to purchase and pay for the software, and what the system requirements are.

Instruction manuals and handbooks

WUFI® Pro and WUFI® 2D:

The „Help“ menu within the program provides instructions and information about the usage of the software and about the physical background. Furthermore, there are numerous instruction manuals and handbooks for users who are just starting with WUFI®, as well as for advanced users with specific questions.

WUFI® Plus and WUFI® Passive:

Mouse over hints in the software guide the user for certain inputs. The manuals provide instructions and information about the usage of the software as well as tutorials. Please visit also our WUFI-Wiki to find background information and other useful tools.

In case of particular questions you can ask directly per e-mail:*

*This offer applies exclusively to users of full versions. We would also kindly ask you to note that we can´t verify the correctness of your projects free of charge.

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