Known bugs

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WUFI® Pro 6.0.2

Interior climate model “EN15026 /WTA 6-2” - resolved in WUFI® Pro 6.1:
Indoor temperatures resulting from options „Low Moisture Load“ and „Medium Moisture Load + 5%“ are too high.
Switching between SI and IP units - resolved in WUFI® Pro 6.1:
Converting a project saved in SI units to IP units fails to convert all input data if WUFI® is set to IP units when the project is opened.
Opening a project in a different language - resolved in WUFI® Pro 6.1:
Input data selected from a drop-down list may become replaced by a different item from the drop-down list.
Wind-dependent heat transfer coefficient in calculation mode „explicit radiation balance“ - resolved in WUFI® Pro 6.1:
Changing the value for the radiative component from the default value causes wrong computation of the heat transfer coefficient.
A source in the outermost grid element may lead to wrong water contents.
User-defined climate files in the user folder - resolved in WUFI® Pro 6.1:
User-supplied data are ignored if the climate file is not displayed on the climate map.
IP mode and climate selection - resolved in WUFI® Pro 6.1:
If WUFI is in IP mode by default, climate selection may fail.

WUFIGraph 2.13.2

  • Occasionally, very large projects can not be saved or reopened.

WUFI® Pro 5.3

  • The option to edit the numerical grid manually has inadvertently been dropped in WUFI® Pro 5.3; it is accessible again in WUFI® Pro 6.

WUFI® 2D 3.4.2

  • DXF import is only possible for files using meters [m] as length unit; importing files in [mm] or [cm] does not work.

WUFI® Plus

Bug in the report of DIN 4108-2

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Last Update: January 18, 2018 at 10:03