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This manual describes the installation, shows the first steps with the software and gives an overview about the features of WUFI®.

Using a building envelope as an example, it is shown how to create a construction, how to set boundary, surface transfer and initial conditions and finally how to calculate and assess this example.

Guideline for the calculation of extensive green roofs

The “Guideline for the calculation of extensive green roofs” and the requisite material data sets have been developed to allow reliable WUFI® simulations and planning of green coverings, in particular on wood constructions.
These investigations were performed as part of the project

“Ermittlung von Materialeigenschaften und effektiven Übergangsparametern von Dachbegrünungen
zur zuverlässigen Simulation der hygrothermischen Verhältnisse in und unter Gründächern
bei beliebigen Nutzungen und unterschiedlichen Standorten.”

(“Determination of material properties and effective surface transfer parameters of green roof coverings
for the reliable simulation of the hygrothermal conditions in and below green roofs for arbitrary types of use and different locations.”

funded by the Research Initiative “Future Building” of the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development.
Reference number: SF- / II 3-F20-10-1-100.
(PDF (26.8 MB)[German], Summary[German], Catalog entry at IRB-Verlag [German])

Guideline for the calculation of gravel roofs

The “Guideline for the calculation of gravel roofs” and the requisite material data set have been developed on the basis of simulations reproducing investigations and measurements performed on gravel roofs in Holzkirchen, Gräfelfing and Milan.

Handling of typical constructions in WUFI®

A short survey of how to treat typical constructions in WUFI®, e.g. flat roofs, exterior walls with ETICS, basement walls etc. Under ‘example cases’ you can download the project files for the cases described in the tutorial.

Guideline for modeling water-repellent treatment of a façade

Model a water-repellent treatment of a façade by adjusting the A-value.

Hygrothermal Simulation of ventilated pitched roofs with effective transfer parameters

The study at hand presents the preliminary research results from field trials in which the thermal behavior was investigated on several different ventilated roof constructions. Radiation related parameters will be provided for different roofing situations as well as a method to calculate ventilated roofs by means of hygrothermal simulation using effective surface transfer parameters.

Guideline for assessing condensation problems in hydrophobic mineral fiber

This guideline describes the procedure to evaluate the condensation risk within a hydrophobic mineral fiber.

Guideline for Using the Air Infiltration Source in WUFI®

This guideline describes when to consider an infiltration source in the simulation and how to apply it in WUFI®.

You can find additional information in the Online Help of WUFI® Pro.

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This manual describes the installation of WUFI® 2D, guides the user through the first steps with the program and provides a short overview of its capabilities.

Calculation Example

This introduction will show you how to model a building component in WUFI® 2D, how to specify boundary, surface transfer and initial conditions, how to perform the calculation and how to analyse the results.

As an example illustrating each step, we will analyse the hygrothermal behavior of a concrete ceiling supported by a brick wall with exterior insulation.

Online Help

The current version of WUFI® 2D’s online help is separately available for download.
Currently it is identical with the online help included in the installation package of WUFI® 2D version 3.2.

Computational parameters

Discussion of the numerical settings in WUFI® 2D.

How to add sources and sinks in WUFI® 2D.
Determination of source strength

How WUFI® 2D determines the source strengths of heat or moisture sources when these are controlled by the boundary conditions.

How to import a DFX file in WUFI® 2D

You can find additional information in the Online Help of WUFI® 2D.

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WUFI® Plus


This manual describes the installation of WUFI® Plus, guides the user through the first steps with the program and provides a short overview of its capabilities.

The WUFI®-wiki provides additional demo movies, guides and tutorials, and information on the theoretical background for WUFI® Plus.

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WUFI® Passive


This manual describes the installation of WUFI® Passive, guides the user through the first steps with the program and provides a short overview of its capabilities.

The WUFI®-wiki provides additional demo movies, guides and tutorials, and information on the theoretical background for WUFI® Passive.

WUFI® Plus/Passive Free

The WUFI®-wiki provides additional demo movies, guides and tutorials, and information on the theoretical background for WUFI® Plus Free and WUFI® Passive Free.

Weather files

Creating weather files for WUFI®
Generating weather files for WUFI® with Meteonorm 7
Generating weather files for WUFI® with Meteonorm 6.1.
ORNL weather files

This Add-On Installation provides additional weather files for more than 100 locations in North America (only for WUFI Pro 5.3 – DB24.72 or higher; not needed for WUFI Pro 6.x, here the data are already included). Data source is ASHRAE Research Project 1325. Adaption for WUFI® conducted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The download contains 3 severe years each for Albany NY, Albuquerque NM, Amarillo TX, Anchorage AK, Asheville NC, Astoria OR, Atlanta GA, Atlantic City NJ, Austin TX, Baltimore ND, Billings MT, Birmingham AL, Bismarck ND, Boise ID, Boston MA, Boulder CO, Brownsville TX, Buffalo NY, Burlington VT, Casper WY, Charleston SC, Charlotte NC, Chicago IL, Cleveland OH, Colorado Springs CO, Columbus OH, Concord NH, Dayton OH, Daytona Beach FL, Des Moines IA, Detroit MI, El Paso TX, Elko NV, Eugene OR, Fairbanks AK, Fargo ND, Flagstaff AZ, Fort Wayne IN, Fort Worth TX, Fresno CA, Grand Island NE, Grand Rapids MI, Green Bay WI, Hartford CT, Houston TX, Huntington WV, Indianapolis IN, International Falls MN, Jackson MS, Jacksonville FL, Kansas City MO, Key West FL, Knoxville TN, Las Vegas NV, Lexington KY, Little Rock AR, Los Angeles CA, Louisville KY, Macon GA, Madison WI, Memphis TN, Miami FL, Minneapolis MN, Mobile AL, Nashville TN, New York City NY, Norfolk VA, Oklahoma City OK, Omaha NE, Philadelphia PA, Phoenix AZ, Pittsburgh PA, Port Arthur TX, Portland OR, Providence RI, Raleigh NC, Rapid City SD, Reno NV, Roanoke VA, Sacramento CA, Salt Lake City UT, San Antonio TX, San Diego CA, San Francisco CA, Savannah GA, Seattle WA, Sheridan WY, Spokane WA, Springfield MO, St. Louis MO, Syracuse NY, Tampa FL, Tucson AZ, Tulsa OK, Victoria TX, Wichita KS, Wilmington DE, Yakima WA; Calgary, Ottawa, Quebec, St. John’s, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver. (105 cities, 315 files).

Weather file list for Google Earth

This *.KMZ file displays the locations of the weather files registered in WUFI’s database by feeding them to Google Earth (which you must have installed).
Some of these weather files are included with WUFI; the others must be purchased from the respective vendor, but they can then immediately be used for WUFI® calculations, without further configuration.

A click on one of the WUFI® icons will display some information about the respective weather file.

Weather data Holzkirchen 1991

The 1991 weather data measured in Holzkirchen can be considered representative for Holzkirchen climate conditions. They are included in the WUFI® installation packages, but IBP also offers them separately for general purposes.

Material files

Guideline for the import of material data in xml format into WUFI®

User defined material datasets can be exported and imported in WUFI® as an xml file. The following guideline explains how these xml files can be used in WUFI®.

Material characteristics: Companies' products

In addition to the generic materials like “plasterboard” or “hardwoods”, there are also companies´ products implemented in the material data base of WUFI®, listed by their manufacturer-specific product description.

The list below contains products, for which characteristics have been determined and which are included in the latest material data base release. For those products which will be implemented in the upcoming data base version, you can find characteristics as xml-file for download and import in WUFI®.

You can display the version number of your data base by choosing the menu item “? → About WUFI“.

Procedure for importing companies’ products (xml-file) into WUFI®

The next DB-Release will contain:
GlasRoc® Sheathing (1/2 inch)27.06.2019
GlasRoc® Sheathing (5/8 inch)27.06.2019
Implemented in DB
Fixit 223 Spezial Einbett-/Armierungsmörtel26.02.2019
EPDM Roofing Membrane, 90 mil14.01.2019
EPDM Roofing Membrane, 60 mil14.01.2019
EPDM Roofing Membrane, 45 mil14.01.2019XML
AF/Armaflex Schlauch AF5+AF615.11.2018XML
AF/Armaflex Schlauch AF1-AF415.11.2018XML
PROSOCO R-GUARD® Cat 5®25.09.2018XML
POROTON-WDF-80 Ziegelscherben perforiert12.07.2018XML
ISOVER Integra Einblaswolle04.06.2018
Siniat Slim Isol15.05.2018XML
STAMISOL DW F 459026.04.2018XML
Implemented in DB
Securock® ExoAir® 430 System, Layer 1 of 227.03.2018XML
Securock® ExoAir® 430 System, Layer 2 of 227.03.2018XML
Ampatex Variano 322.03.2018XML
Knauf TecTem® Insulation Board Indoor Climaprotect 2508.03.2018XML
Knauf TecTem® Insulation Board Indoor Climaprotect 3008.03.2018XML
Knauf TecTem® Insulation Board Indoor Historic08.03.2018XML
Knauf TecTem® Laibungsplatte08.03.2018XML
3M™ Air and Vapor Barrier 301505.03.2018XML
3M™ Vapor Permeable Air Barrier 3015VP05.03.2018XML
ROCKWOOL Coverrock ll06.02.2018XML
ROCKWOOL Masterrock 033 (without lamination)06.02.2018XML
ROCKWOOL Masterrock NB (without lamination)06.02.2018XML
ROCKWOOL Speedrock Lamelle06.02.2018XML
CALOSTAT® Pure 23.01.2018XML
Supafil Timber Frame 15.12.2017XML
Thermacork 100% Natural Cork Insulation, Standard Density, 25 mm15.12.2017XML
Thermacork 100% Natural Cork Insulation, Standard Density, 50 mm15.12.2017XML
Thermacork 100% Natural Cork Insulation, MD Façade Density, 50 mm15.12.2017XML
BamCore Prime Wall System 11.12.2017XML
HECK AERO iP (OWA) 21.11.2017XML
VARA PLUS05.10.2017XML
Schwenk TRI-O-THERM M04.10.2017XML
Walki Active19.09.2017XML
Walki Active Pro19.09.2017XML
ISOCELL AIRSTOP DIVA vapour retarder21.06.2017 XML
Knauf TecTem® Interior Plaster 29.05.2017XML
Knauf TecTem® Insulation Board Indoor 29.05.2017XML
Knauf TecTem® Adhesive Mortar 29.05.2017XML
GTEC Fire Board 26.04.2017XML
Weather Defence26.04.2017XML
Implemented in DB
Adolf Würth, WÜTOP SD Vario 30.03.2017 XML
Dampfbremsfolie Klimastar vario 5-Star09.03.2017 XML
GE Elemax 2600 AWB 06.03.2017 XML
ROCKWOOL COMFORTBOARD 110 (former Roxul Comfortboard 110)09.11.2016XML
ROCKWOOL COMFORTBOARD 80 (former Roxul Comfortboard 80)09.11.2016XML
JustBioFiber, Super SSR Modular Block Wall System08.11.2016XML
SikaMembran Eco Out 28.09.2016XML
SikaMembran Eco Uni28.09.2016XML
SikaMembran Outdoor 28.09.2016XML
SikaMembran Outdoor Plus28.09.2016XML
SikaMembran Universal28.09.2016XML
STEICOzell 21.06.2016XML
EVALON V, VG, VSK, VGSK (sd=33 m)09.06.2016XML
EVALON V, VG, VSK, VGSK (sd=26 m)09.06.2016XML
ISOVER ISOCONFORT 032 (Schweiz)07.06.2016XML
ISOVER PB F030 (Schweiz)07.06.2016XML
ISOVER UNIROLL 035 (Schweiz)07.06.2016XML
STAMISOL FA F461007.06.2016XML
Implemented in DB
DensElement™ Barrier System12.04.2016XML
PACK 500 11.04.2016XML
STAMISOL Color F468111.04.2016XML
STAMISOL ECO F4631 11.04.2016XML
STAMISOL Effect F483111.04.2016XML
STAMISOL FI F467311.04.2016XML
INTELLO (gem. DIBt-Zulassung 2015)06.04.2016XML
INTELLO PLUS (gem. DIBt-Zulassung 2015)06.04.2016XML
DB+ (gem. DIBt-Zulassung 2015)06.04.2016XML
DB+ gealtert (gem. DIBt-Zulassung 2015)06.04.2016XML
STEICO multi renova24.03.2016 XML
ISOVER Integra AP HWF Top24.03.2016 XML
ROCKWOOL Klemmrock 03509.03.2016XML
ROCKWOOL Masterrock GF09.03.2016XML
DELTA®-VENT S08.03.2016XML
WÜTOP Thermo ND Plus 18.02.2016 XML
FOAMGLAS Perinsul HL 19.11.2015 XML
FOAMGLAS S3 19.11.2015 XML
FOAMGLAS F19.11.2015 XML
FOAMGLAS W+F 19.11.2015 XML
FOAMGLAS T319.11.2015 XML
FOAMGLAS T4+ 19.11.2015 XML
FLOOR BOARD S3 19.11.2015 XML
FLOOR BOARD F 19.11.2015 XML
FLOOR BOARD T4+19.11.2015 XML
Smartply VapAirTight 24.11.2015 XML
Implemented in DB
Medite Vent14.09.2015
WOLFIN M (1.5 mm)14.07.2015
WOLFIN M (2.0 mm)14.07.2015
TECTOFIN RG (1.5 mm)14.07.2015
TECTOFIN RG (1.8 mm)14.07.2015
TECTOFIN RG (2.0 mm)14.07.2015
TECTOFIN RV plus14.07.2015
LDS FlexPlus13.07.2015
WÜTOP Thermo Fassade/Fassade SK02.07.2015
WÜTOP Thermo L-SK02.07.2015
WÜTOP Thermo ND SK02.07.2015
Implemented in DB
Flumroc-Dämmplatte 1
Flumroc-Dämmplatte 3
Implemented in DB 24.78.01:
POROTON-WDF Hinterfüllmörtel11.06.2014
POROTON-WDF Perlitefüllung11.06.2014
POROTON-WDF Ziegelscherben11.06.2014
Stora Enso CLT05.11.2013
SAKRET Klebe- und Armierungsm?rtel leicht KAM-L07.10.2013
SAKRET Kalkputz multi KPM07.10.2013
ROXUL FacadeRock23.09.2013
Pavatex Pavadentro16.09.2013
Knauf Diamant 18,0 mm16.09.2013
Knauf Diamant 12,5 mm16.09.2013
Remmers iQ-Fix03.09.2013
Remmers iQ-Therm03.09.2013
Remmers iQ-Top03.09.2013
Knauf SM70002.09.2013
Knauf SM700 Pro02.09.2013
Knauf Addi S 2,0 / Addi R 2,0 auf SM70002.09.2013
Knauf Addi S 2,0 / Addi R 2,0 auf SM700 Pro02.09.2013
Knauf Conni S 2,0 auf SM70002.09.2013
Knauf Conni S 2,0 auf SM700 mit Quarzgrund02.09.2013
Knauf Conni S 2,0 auf SM700 Pro02.09.2013
Knauf Noblo 2,0 auf SM70002.09.2013
Knauf Noblo 2,0 auf SM700 Pro02.09.2013
Knauf SP 260 2,0 auf SM70002.09.2013
Knauf SP 260 2,0 auf SM700 Pro02.09.2013
ISOVER Vario Xtra Safe26.08.2013
Optigrün Leichtdach 1 (Sedum-Bepflanzung) 1/324.07.2013
Optigrün Leichtdach 1 (Substrat Typ L inkl. FKD) 2/324.07.2013
Optigrün Leichtdach 1 (Schutzvlies) 3/324.07.2013
Optigrün Naturdach 1 (Gras-Bepflanzung) 1/524.07.2013
Optigrün Naturdach 1 (Substrat Typ E) 2/524.07.2013
Optigrün Naturdach 1 (Filtermatte) 3/524.07.2013
Optigrün Naturdach 1 (Festkörperdränage) 4/524.07.2013
Optigrün Naturdach 1 (Schutzvlies) 5/524.07.2013
Optigrün Schrägdach 5-45° (Sedum-Bepflanzug) 1/329.07.2013
Optigrün Schrägdach 5-45° (Substrat Typ E) 2/329.07.2013
Optigrün Schrägdach 5-45° (Schutzvlies) 3/329.07.2013
Optigrün Spardach 1 (Sedum-Bepflanzung) 1/329.07.2013
Optigrün Spardach 1 (Substrat Typ M inkl. FKD) 2/329.07.2013
Optigrün Spardach 1 (Schutzvlies) 3/329.07.2013
Optigrün Spardach 2 (Sedum-Bepflanzung) 1/329.07.2013
Optigrün Spardach 2 (Substrat Typ M) 2/329.07.2013
Optigrün Spardach 2 (Schutzvlies) 3/329.07.2013
Eternit Bluclad18.06.2013
Eternit Cedral glatt18.06.2013
Eternit Cedral Struktur18.06.2013
Eternit Duripanel A2 geschliffen18.06.2013
Eternit Duripanel A2 ungeschliffen18.06.2013
Eternit Duripanel B1 geschliffen18.06.2013
Eternit Duripanel B1 ungeschliffen18.06.2013
WÜTOP DB 208.05.2013
AIRSTOP DIVA Forte08.05.2013
esb-Platte elka strong board P508.05.2013
WÜTOP Thermo Vario SD08.05.2013
Implemented in DB 24.76:
Aspen Aerogels - Spaceloft Grey19.12.2012
HOMATHERM USD-Q11 protect26.11.2012
HOMATHERM EnergiePlus comfort26.11.2012
HOMATHERM EnergiePlus massive26.11.2012
HOMATHERM ID-Q11 standard22.11.2012
Dailite MS 9mm06.11.2012
Dailite MS 12mm06.11.2012
AGEPAN OSB/4 PUR, 12 mm04.10.2012
AGEPAN OSB/3 PUR, 12 mm04.10.2012
AGEPAN THD02.10.2012
AGEPAN UDP N+F02.10.2012
Dennert Mineralschaumplatte02.08.2012
GUTEX Thermoroom31.07.2012
ISOVER ULTIMATE Kontur FSP - 03231.07.2012
ISOVER INTEGRA AP Supra - 03531.07.2012
ISOVER GW Integra ZKF - 03531.07.2012
ISOVER GW Integra ZKF - 03231.07.2012
ISOVER GW Integra ZSF - 03231.07.2012
ISOVER ULTIMATE Klemmfilz - 03531.07.2012
isofloc L31.07.2012
ISOCELL Zellulosedämmstoff31.07.2012
thermalan iso / swisswool iso / tirolwool iso31.07.2012
Misapor 10/75, lastabtr. Wärmedä., feuchtegeschützt und Innenbereich31.07.2012
Misapor 10/50, lastabtr. Wärmedä., feuchtegeschützt u. Innenbereich31.07.2012
ISOVER VACUPAD Kontur VVP 00718.07.2012
KLH Massivholz14.05.2012
Misapor 10/75, lastabtr. Wärmedä. unter Gründungsplatten15.11.2011
Misapor 10/50, lastabtr. Wärmedä. unter Gründungsplatten15.11.2011
Knauf Rotkalk Fein28.07.2011
Knauf Rotkalk Grund28.07.2011
EdelPutz Leicht MF24.08.2010
Bayosan LeichttonMörtel LTM 8124.08.2010
StoLevell In Mineral12.08.2010
Sto-Perlite-Innendämmplatte 04512.08.2010
ROCKWOOL CURTAINROCK (former Roxul CurtainRock)04.05.2010
ROCKWOOL CAVITYROCK (former Roxul CavityRock)04.05.2010
Roxul ConRock04.05.2010
ROCKWOOL ROCKBOARD (former Roxul Rockboard)04.05.2010
ROCKWOOL COMFORTBATT (former Roxul ComfortBatt respectively Roxul Plus)04.05.2010
ROCKWOOL TOPROCK DD (former Roxul TopRock DD)04.05.2010
ROCKWOOL CAVITYROCK (DD) (former Roxul CavityRock DD)04.05.2010
Ytong Multipor Kleber29.10.2009
Ytong Multipor29.10.2009
redstone Mineraldämmplatte Pura06.08.2008
Getifix Mineraldämmplatte ambio06.08.2008
Vario KM Duplex27.10.2005
Pavatex Diffutherm27.10.2005
FERMACELL Gipsfaser-Platte16.02.2004
Dämmplatte DP18.10.2002

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