Release of WUFI Pro® 6.0

750x140_News_WUFI-Pro-6The new version of our simulation software WUFI Pro® can now be obtained at the online shop. Version 6.0 shows many new features and improvements:

  • A simplified and more intuitive user experience
  • A new, faster and more stable calculation engine
  • A new climate menu that allows you to pick a location from the globe, performs further analysis on the related climate data file and displays the progression of all the climate elements contained within it
  • Additional climate files for 20 locations in South Korea
  • A user-defined climate database with the option to display your own locations on the map
  • A new materials database interface with a clearly laid out tree structure, convenient search function and new options for managing user-defined data
  • A materials database expanded to include a range of new materials characteristics
  • A WUFI® graph tool for evaluating results. For the first time, it is possible to directly compare different scenarios in a single view, compare WUFI® Pro (1D) and 2D simulation results and even evaluate conditions for multiple grid elements – including relative humidity. As a result, it is possible to evaluate wood components in accordance with Germany’s new WTA 6-8 specification governing the humidity assessment of such components – including the requirements set out in the specification for dynamically evaluating the ongoing risk of wood rot.
  • An interior climate model updated in line with Germany’s revised WTA 6-2 specification. Further updates allowing for free configuration of interior climate models to follow soon via a free update.

WUFI Pro 6 is available via our online shop, where you can choose from time-limited licenses of either one or ten years in duration.

In order to still profit from our 20th anniversary campaign, WUFI® Pro 5 users can upgrade to version 6 at the early-upgrade price of €720 instead of €900 until May 20, 2016. The upgrade must be purchased using your existing account which includes your WUFI® Pro 5 license.

Software users that have purchased the new version 6 together with version 5.3 have already received the new license keys via email. From now, you may find them together with the download link in your online shop account. In case you haven’t received a new license key yet, please contact