Release of WUFI® 6.1

WUFI® Pro is now available in version 6.1.

Users of WUFI® Pro 6.0 can download the update free of charge. You can use the link you received with your purchase of WUFI® Pro 6.0 and you also will see it in your account at our online shop in the “My Orders” menu. When buying a new license of WUFI® Pro, you will directly receive the latest version WUFI® Pro 6.1.

New features and improvements in WUFI® Pro 6.1 are:

WUFI® User Interface

  • The Adaptive Time Step Control has been re-introduced in an improved version.
  • The radiation rose in the climate analyser dialog now has a legend explaining the colours used in the diagram.
  • Inconsistencies have been eliminated which were created by switching between SI and IP units.
  • Inconsistencies have been eliminated which arose when a project file was opened in a different language.

WUFI® Calculational Core

  • A bug in the temperature transfer curves of the options “Low Moisture Load” and “Medium Moisture Load + 5%” for the indoor climate model “EN 15026 / WTA 6-2” resulted in too high indoor air temperatures. This has been corrected.
  • In the calculation mode “explicit radiation balance” the radiative heat exchange is directly calculated. Therefore the radiative part of the heat transfer coefficient has to be subtracted. If a wind-dependent heat transfer coefficient was used, the radiative part of the constant heat transfer coefficient was erroneously subtracted instead, leading to inconsistencies in the heat transfer in some cases. This has been corrected.

Material user interface and database

  • The enhanced search function of the database now allows for searching the material names in any parts or sequence – optionally also within the material information.
  • 12 new wooden materials (from the AIF project) have been added to the material database.
  • 18 new company products have been added to the material database. Find it here under “Material characteristics: Companies’ products”
  • The North American material database and the example cases have been revised and supplemented. 17 new materials and 23 example construction have been added.

Climate user interface and database

  • For climate files listed in WUFI®‘s user folder, geographical data added by the user were not forwarded to the program if the “Show on map” option was not checked. This has been corrected.
  • New Hygrothermal Reference Years (HRY) for Germany are now available which represent the German climate by 11 representative climate locations
    • Braunlage, Chemnitz, Fichtelberg, Fürstenzell, Hamburg, Kassel, Lindenberg, Mannheim, Potsdam, Stötten, Warnemünde
  • In addition to the normal HRY also  a cold HRY and an eight-year Design Climate Sequence have been added for each of these climate regions.
  • 5 new climate data for Italy have been added:
    • Agrigento, Bari, Catania, Cosenza, Oristano
  • If WUFI® was in IP mode by default, climate selection could fail. This has been corrected.

WUFI®-Graph (for WUFI® Pro 6 and WUFI® 2D)

  • WUFI® Graph now supports assessing the wood decay risk according to the new WTA guideline 6-8 (
  • WUFI® Graph now allows moving diagrams and curves in the project tree via drag and drop.
  • The WUFI® Graph online help has been completed, it is accessible with F1 or as PDF here: c:\Program Files (x86)\WUFI\Tools\WUFIGraph\help\
  • The errors which could occur in large files with the open, reopen and save functions are corrected.

WUFI® Pro 6 is available in our online shop, where you can choose between time-limited licenses of either one or ten years in duration. Users of older WUFI® Pro versions can upgrade to WUFI® Pro 6. The upgrade requirements can be found here.

The upgrade must be purchased via the online shop account, which contains the existing WUFI® Pro license.