Early-Bird-Upgrade: 10 % discount until end of January 2018

For our users of older WUFI® 10-year licenses, we are offering an early-bird discount of 10% for the upgrades to WUFI® 2D 4 and also WUFI® Pro 6 until the end of January 2018!




  • Upgrade WUFI® 2D 3 to 4: 1260 € instead of 1400 €
  • Upgrade WUFI® Pro 4/5 to 6: 810 € instead of 900 €

In our online shop the reduced price is automatically displayed.

Please note:
Upgrading from WUFI® Pro 4.x to WUFI® Pro 6 is only possible until the end of June 2018. Use now the possibility to update your WUFI® Pro 4 at reduced costs.

Information about our update and upgrade conditions can be found here.

The upgrade must be purchased through the online shop account where your existing WUFI® 2D license is deposited, the reduced price will be automatically displayed. If you no longer know your access information, please contact support@wufi.com in advance.
Click here for the online shop.