Release WUFI® 2D 4.0

The new version 4.0 of our hygrothermal simulation software WUFI® 2D can now be obtained at the online shop. Version 4.0 shows many new features and improvements:

WUFI® User Interface

  • Improved graphical component definition and zooming with the mouse wheel
  • New, more intuitive dialog for specifying climate conditions
  • Simplified handling of sources and sinks (these can now be drawn into the computational grid using the mouse)
  • New grid generator distributes the computational grid more efficiently and numerically more favorably over the component.
  • Multilingual menu interface, 7 languages available: English, German, Polish, French, Czech, Japanese, Korean.
  • The help system has been revised and updated
  • A units error in the DXF import has been fixed

WUFI® Calculational Core

  • Completely redesigned calculation engine provides more stable and faster calculations
  • Further acceleration of the calculation through automatic use of all available processor cores (OpenMP parallelization)
  • New file format (HDF5) significantly reduces the result file size.
  • Moisture storage functions defined by a polyline can lead to numerical problems. These can be eliminated in part by the new rational interpolation of the curves
  • XDMF definition file for the freely available scientific evaluation programs “VisIt” and “Paraview”
  • Direct interface to the result visualization post processor “VisIt”

WUFI® Material Database and Climatic User Interface
The material database and climatic user interface now match those of WUFI® Pro 6 – so the following functions are now also available in WUFI® 2D:

  • A new material database interface with a clearly laid out tree structure, convenient search function and new options for managing user-defined data
  • Material database expanded to include a range of new materials
  • A new climate menu that allows you to pick a location from the globe, performs detailed analysis of the selected climate data file and diagrams all the climate elements contained within it
  • User-defined climate database with the option to display your own locations on the map
  • Many additional climate files worldwide

WUFI® Graph

  • Supports the assessment of the wood decay risk according to the new WTA guideline 6-8 (
  • Allows moving diagrams and curves in the project tree via drag and drop.
  • Also opens WUFI Pro (1D) result files and allows direct comparison of the result curves
  • The errors which could occur when very large files were openen, reopenen or saved has been corrected.
  • Faster display of the curves due to improved data handling
  • The WUFI® Graph online help has been completed, it is accessible with F1 or as PDF here: C:\Program Files (x86)\WUFI\Tools\WUFIGraph\help\

The new version 4.0 comes with WUFI® Graph 2.18.10 and database 26.0.63.

WUFI® 2D 4.0 is available in our online shop, where you can choose between time-limited licenses of either one or ten years in duration. Users of older WUFI® 2D versions can upgrade to WUFI® 2D 4.0 The upgrade conditions can be found here.
The upgrade must be purchased via the online shop account which contains your existing WUFI® 2D license.