Merry Christmas!

150x133_News_WeihnachtenOur WUFI team wishes you and your family a peaceful and merry Christmas.
We too will take a Christmas break until January 9, 2017. We will then be back to your usual support.
The online shop will remain at your service during the Christmas period as usual.

Research projekt “Climate models” completed!

The higher the insulation level of a building component is the less heat is available for its drying. As a consequence of the better airtightness of the building envelope, in addition the indoor air humidity increases. Both together require also higher demands on the moisture protection of the building components. This is increasingly verified by means of a hygrothermal simulations like WUFI®. These methods need appropriate indoor and outdoor climate data. To close the existing gaps, as part of a research project the following topics were investigated

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Moisture Resistance Design (MRD) model

Specifically for the needs and requirements of Sweden, the University of Lund developed the post processor Moisture resistance Design (MRD) model. It allows to evaluate the risk of mould growth in accordance with the Swedish approach. The model can be used by all WUFI® software from the WUFI® software family.

Please note that the post processor was developed externally. We therefore cannot offer support for the MRD. Also, the post processor is ony available in English.

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