Detailed product overview

Light / ORNL
Plus/Passive Free
one-dimensional hygrothermal simulationtwo-dimensional hygrothermal simulationhygrothermal building simulation
One-dimensional calculationHakenHakenHaken (possible, but more complex and time-consuming than WUFI Pro)HakenHakenHaken
Two-dimensional calculationHakenlimited1limited1
Building simulationHakenHakenHaken
Passive house calculationHakenHakenHaken
Thermal calculationsHakenHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Hygric calculationHakenHakenHakenHakenlimited3
Graphical user interfaceHakenHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Full functionalityHakenHakenHakenHaken
Unit systemSI / IPSI / IPSISI / IPSI / IPSI / IP
Component simulation/
building simulation
Component structurelayerslayersrectangleslayerslayers /
Numerical gridautomatic, editable manuallyautomaticautomatic, editable manuallyautomatic, coarse/
automatic, coarse/
automatic, coarse/
Numerical grid displaygraphical, tabulargraphical, tabulargraphical, tabulargraphicalgraphicalgraphical
Material databaseHakenHakenHakenHakenHakenonly thermal
Material data editable HakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
User defined materials in database possibleHakenHakenHakenHaken
Construction databaseHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
3D building displayHakenHakenHaken
Building geometryManual 3-D Editor, Building Wizard, SketchUpManual 3-D Editor, Building Wizard, SketchUpManual 3-D Editor, Building Wizard
Multi zone modelHakenHakenHaken
Simulation of indoor climate Hakenlimited ²limited ²
Profiles for internal loadsHakenHakenHaken
Natural / mechanical ventilationHakenHakenHaken
Simulation of HVAC systemsHakenHakenHaken
Sources in the component
Heat sources
Transient from fileHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Fraction of solar radiationHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Moisture sources
Transient from fileHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Fraction of driving rainHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Convective source (Air Infiltration Model IBP)HakenHakenHakenHaken
Constant monthly moisture loadHakenHaken
Air exchange sources
Constant air change rateHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Transient from fileHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Boundary conditions
WUFI climate databaseHaken1 location/
US-climatic data
HakenHakenHakenrestricted climatic location
Surface orientationN, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NWN, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW0° to 360°0° to 360°0° to 360°0° to 360°
Surface inclination0° to 90°0°, 90°0° to 90°0° to 90°0° to 90°0° to 90°
Wind driven rain (if rain data available in database)HakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Driving rain coefficientsdrop-down menu & customdrop-down menucustomdrop-down menu & customdrop-down menu & custom
Driving rain coefficients according to ASHRAE Standard 160HakenHaken (only ORNL)HakenHakenHaken
Use of own climatic dataHakenHakenHakenHaken
Surface transfer coefficients
Heat transfer coefficient / resistancedrop-down menu & customdrop-down menucustomdrop-down menu & customdrop-down menu & customdrop-down menu & custom
Sd-value of a possible surface coatingdrop-down menu & customdrop-down menudrop-down menu & customdrop-down menu & customdrop-down menu & custom
Water vapour transfer coefficientautomaticautomaticautomatic & customautomaticautomatic
Explicit radiation balanceHakenHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Wind-dependent heat transfer coefficientHakenuser editable formula coefficientsHakenfixedHakenfixedHakenfixedHakenfixedHakenfixed
Inital conditions T/RHconstant across component, constant value in each layer, arbitrary profileconstant profileconstant across component, constant value in each layer, arbitrary profileconstant profile; RH from databaseconstant profile; RH from databaseconstant profile
Maximum calculation periodunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Start of the calculation user-definableHakenHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Calculation time steps user-definableHakenHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Hygrothermal conditions in the building componentHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken2
Indoor climate, comfort,
energy requirements
Results displayed as animated filmHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Film exportableHaken
AVI & own viewer
Results displayed as diagramsHakenHaken5HakenHakenHakenHaken5
ASCII output of resultsHakenHakenHakenHaken
Create own result graphicsHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Automatically generated result reportHakenHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Data and report output to Word and Excel (editable by user)HakenHaken
Display of measurement data for comparisonHaken
Read project data of previous versionsHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Interface for post-processorsHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Automated batch processingHakenHakenHakenHaken
Import of building constructionsDXF
Import of building geometriesSketchUp, gbXMLSketchUp, gbXML
System requirements
Operating system: Windows (XP and later)HakenHakenHakenHakenHakenHaken
Operating system: MAC OS
Available licenses
Free of charge, time limitedHakenHaken
1 year licenseHakenHakenHakenHaken
3 year licenseHaken
5 year licenseHakenHakenHakenHaken
1) Thermal 2- and 3-dimensional calculation
2) Only buildings which meet the 5 main Passive House Verification criteria
3) Inhomogeneous only for the static monthly balance method
4) Indoor air humidity without moisture exchange with envelope components
5) Watermarks in result graphics
6) English, Finnish, Polish, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
7) English, German, Polish, French, Swedish, Italian, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
8) German, English, Italian
Update: April 2024