Reduced Prices for WUFI® Plus and WUFI® Passive until end of 2017!

Prices for WUFI® Plus and WUFI® Passive are reduced by 10% in our online shop until the end of the year.

WUFI® Plus is the most complete heat and moisture simulation tool in the WUFI® software family. In addition to simulating hygrothermal conditions in building components, WUFI® Plus simulates the indoor environment and is therefore suitable for addressing comfort and energy consumption in buildings.

WUFI® Passive allows a double assessment of buildings based on the same building model: Energetic assessment for the design and verification of buildings meeting the PHIUS passive house criteria and afterwards also dynamic building simulation like in WUFI® Plus.

Reduced prices are already shown in the online shop. Only valid for single programs until end of 2017.