Release WUFI® 2D 4.1

WUFI® 2D is now available in version 4.1.

Users of WUFI® 2D 4.0 can download the update free of charge. You can use the link you received with your purchase of WUFI® 2D 4 which is also displayed in your account at the online shop in the “My Orders” menu. When buying a new license of WUFI® 2D, you will directly receive the latest version WUFI® 2D 4.1.

New features and improvements in WUFI® 2D 4.1:


  • Error while reading source file corrected
  • Program version now is included in wufi2d.xml
  • 2D logo in the ‘About’ dialog has been updated
  • Problems with loading the WUFI JRE installation have been corrected
  • The following languages have been added: Chinese, Italian, Korean, Swedish

WUFI® Graph

  • Acceleration of printing
  • Issues opening some result files have been fixed
  • Available user defined modules for wfd result files are now shown correctly
  • Languages added: Korean, French, Japanese
  • Improvement of window opening position
  • Minor bugfixes and corrections
  • Postprocessors

Changes have been made to the following postprocessors to adapt to the new WUFI versions and additional bugfixes have been made:

  • WUFI® Bio
  • WUFI® Corr

You can download the new versions for free:
For use with WUFI® 2D, the postprocessors are called from the WUFI® Graph evaluation.

The new version comes with WUFI® Graph 2.20.0 and database 26.0.82 which contains 20 new company materials.

WUFI® 2D 4.1 is available in our online shop, where you can choose between time-limited licenses of either one or ten years in duration. Users of WUFI® 2D versions 3.x can upgrade to WUFI® 2D 4.1. The upgrade conditions can be found here.

The upgrade must be purchased via the online shop account which contains the existing WUFI® 2D license.