Survey on the application of hygrothermal simulation software

You know mould, thermal bridges, algae and frost damage from your daily planning and construction practice?

Up to now simplified methods such as thermal bridge or the so called Glaser or dew point calculations are mainly used for that purpose. Increasingly, however, more sophisticated hygrothermal simulation programs like WUFI® or DELPHIN are applied.

However, in practice, planners are often in doubt, which evaluations and proofs of function they need, how they can interpret the simulation results correctly and finally how reliable input data and results are.

In order to eliminate these uncertainties, various verification methods are being investigated, evaluated and improved in a current research project by IBP together with the Institute for Building Climatics at the TU Dresden. The link to building practice is of special importance to us.
That is why we are asking for your input in an online questionnaire. Answering these questions takes about 5 to 10 minutes and will help us a lot to improve our models and procedures.

The following link will take you to the survey: Survey

Our aim is to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of the current methods and, if necessary, to provide new, more practical methods also for damage detection of mould, algae and frost.

Thank you for your participation!